Interweaving materials with inspiration from the past and the future.

A truly Made in Italy story

A testament to craftsmanship and manufacturing heritage.

I. Design

Form and function are joined to create timeless products that evoke both the past and the future.

II. Leather

Our 100% Made in Italy production process is based on local sourcing of materials, long-term relationships, and a sense of family. Meticulously stitched and assembled by master artisans with uncompromising quality standards, each Aviteur product is designed to be enjoyed for a lifetime and handed down to the next generation. 

III. Innovation

The fusion of traditional materials with modern components is at the core of our product ethos.

Patricia Gucci – Founder and Creative Director

Patricia Gucci was born in London and is the daughter of Aldo Gucci, the visionary behind the transformation of Gucci into a global luxury brand. Patricia worked at Gucci America as Fashion Coordinator and Brand Ambassador in the US and Asia, before becoming the first woman to be appointed to Gucci’s Board of Directors.

In 2016, she published her memoir, In the Name of Gucci.

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